What Is the Bill of a Cap? - 10 Different Bill Styles & Types (2024)

Beyond baseball, beyond sports, baseball caps are for everyone! Every part of the cap has an important function, and the bill or visor of your cap is no exception. Without a shadow of a doubt, the bill of your cap decides the overall look. So, it’s necessary to know what is the bill of a hat and what is a billed hat to cherry-pick the right cap for your needs!

What Is the Bill of a Hat?

A bill or visor protrudes from the cap’s crown, which protects and provides shade from the scorching sun’s rays and other elements. Typically, the bills of caps were much shorter in earlier days. Today, they have come in various styles to be suited for different purposes.

Brim vs. Bill or Visor

Brims, visors, and bills are all related but can lead to confusion. A hat has a brim, while a cap has a bill or visor.

To be more clear, the circular part that encircles the crown( the part which covers your scalp) is called a brim. Brim in the hat provides shade to the head, neck, and shoulders.

Comparably, the smaller protruding part stitched together to the crown of your cap to provide shade is called a bill or the visor.

Visit our post to learn more about brimmed hats and billed caps.

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Different Bill Styles

1. Flat Bill

Flat brims are available in both; squared and rounded. Wearing the flat-brimmed cap facing upwards is the right method to do it. Flat brims are usually seen in 6-panel caps and snapback caps. They can create a sleek and bold statement especially worn with oversized graphic t-shirts, distressed jeans, or trousers. Don’t forget your white sneakers to complete the fashion ensemble. Flat brimmed hats are more suitable for square-shaped faces than wider faces.

It matches excellently with casual, street style wear, so keep in mind they don’t look good with formal or business suits. Wear the brim facing front upwards, and avoid wearing them sideways to look outdated and a little bit dorky.

2. Curved Bill

Like your favorite denim jeans, curved bill caps are undoubtedly a classic favorite for most of us. The best thing about curved brim caps is, they make your head look less obvious, and accentuates your face shape, and don’t stick out entirely like flat-brimmed caps.

A go-to option if you don’t know which hat to wear. Pairing curved brimmed caps with denim, hoodies, crew-neck t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts are still on the off-duty side yet makes you look infinitely cooler.

3. Structured Bill

As we all know, structured billed caps are designed with bills on the front to protect and provide shade from the sun. As the name sounds, the bills are more stiff and structured. Structured bills are found mostly in both 5 panels, 6-panel caps.

They give a more polished look to uniforms and are a preferred choice among sports players. Another appreciated feature of structured billed caps is, they tend to look the same and last long while unstructured bills have chances to get old more easily.

4. Unstructured Bill

Unstructured bills, doesn’t that sound good? Good to fold and keep your pocket or bag without occupying much space. If you’re a traveler and hate caps with long, thick, heavy visors, this is a must-have headwear for you!

Coming to the construction of unstructured, foldable bills, the bill is designed with 3 panels that can be easily folded and slide into your back pocket. This hat is also waterproof and has impressed passionate runners who love to run in the rain!

5. Distressed Bill

Either you’re obsessed with distressed fashion or shy away from distressed clothes but still want to give it a try without going wrong, check out this distressed bill cap!

These rips, markings, and fades in the distressed caps are undeniably spreading like fire among teens and enhances street style wear with authenticity with the conventional look. Wear the distressed cap to make you look casual enough and be ready for anything!

6. Green Underbill

Some of you might not know how a green underbilled cap helps you.

Here it is:

A darker underbill reduces sun glare and brightness, so a green billed cap helps you to be more comfortable when you’re out on a sunny day. Baseball players were advised to wear green underbills to enhance vision and comfort during their sport.

And some sources mention that the green underbill was a style statement when the famous baseball company New Era manufactured their caps with a green underbill for a long time. So the other companies followed their style. Today, green underbills emerged to be a vintage style.

7. Sandwich Bill

A sandwich bill is a brimmed style, which is designed with a different color material in between the top and bottom of the brim. To be clear, it contains three layers with top and bottom of the same color and center layer to be a different color.

Even though the sandwich bill isn’t an obvious feature, people love it because it contrasts the brim’s look and makes it look more exceptional. Mostly curved brimmed ball caps are designed with sandwich bills.

If you prefer a lightweight cap, the sandwich bill may not be the right choice since it’s slightly heavier. Otherwise, breathe a hint of refinement by completing your cap with a sandwich bill!

8. Piping Bill

Piping is an edging sewn to end using a thin strip of folded fabric. Piping is mostly done to the edges to make the stitching less obvious. Looking similar to a sandwich bill, it is not a practical addition to it but still adds a pop of color to the brim along the edge.

Piping brims are mostly found in themed caps like sports teams, games to match the embroidery logo on the crown and enhance the fashion factor.

9. Short Bill

For both men and women, caps with short brims are a popular choice. Short bills come mostly in 5 panel caps. These caps are snugly fitting and became a recent fashion accent because of their classic appeal.

Taking a look at history in the 80s, these short brimmed caps were widely popular among the cyclers, clubbers, and mailers in London and Berlin. Additionally, skaters love the cap for their snug fit, and most importantly, their short brim offers limited sun protection, giving more clearer visibility without losing your track.

10. Long Bill

Check out this long-billed cap which is sure to offer you maximum shade protection to your head and neck. For those looking for enhanced sun protection than regular baseball caps, this cap with long bills will work at ease. Whether you’re a golf player, car driver, fisherman, or a hater of sunburns, this long-billed cap easily steps up your style factor with shade.

Why Do Hats Have Bill?

Each part of the cap has a purpose, and the brim has the most important function of all. Brims are stitched together with crowns to provide shade and protection against the sun and other elements like rain, pollution, etc.

How to Change a Flat Brim into a Curved Brim

Remember, to change a flat brim into a curved brim; you need to round the brim, not bend it.

  • All you need is warm water and a mug. Rinse the brim in warm water.
  • Secondly, insert the brim of the cap into the mug; make sure you don’t stress the brim to enter it. Choose the right size of mug according to the brim.
  • Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, take the cap out of the mug. If it’s curved a lot, use your finger to bend outward gently slightly.

That’s it, enjoy your curved brim cap.

Some of them recommended bending them with hands. According to trendspotter, bending the bill of your cap with your fingers makes it look uneven. So, go for a curved visor cap instead.

Materials Used in Hat Bills

Unlike hats, the brims of the caps are mostly made with slightly stiffer materials like plastic.

In the olden days, caps were made up of cardboard brims which allowed only spot cleaning. Handwashing cardboard brimmed caps will ruin their shape, but contemporary caps are made with all types of materials for mind-blowing versatility and durability.

Final Thoughts

Baseball caps are loved by us for their classic, neutral look to pair up with anything, compatibility to all body types, and its mind-blowing functionality for all seasons and reasons. And the most important thing about a cap is the brim’s type which directly contributes to the cap’s look and comfort.

Whether you want a long bill cap for more shade to enjoy your trek, or unstructured billed cap back to tuck into your pocket, or a distressed billed cap to catch attention, you should know what a bill is in a cap!

So, by now, you might have clearly understood the answer to the question “what is the bill of a hat” and their types to select the right cap for you. Now it’s your turn to select!

What Is the Bill of a Cap? - 10 Different Bill Styles & Types (2024)
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