[Top 10] Grounded Best Armors From Early Till Late Game (2024)

In Grounded, you have been shrunk to a size no bigger than an ant and are free to explore the expansive backyard of Dr. Wendal Tulley. Unfortunately, bugs are terrifying, and nearly everything in this game wants to eat you.

Fortunately, you can craft armor to help give you some defence against the terrors of the yard. Whether you want to have sizzle protection to explore the sandbox or want something to make you that little bit tankier. The game has you covered.

Read on as we look at the top 10 suits of armor in the game from the beginning to the end and what they are good for.

10. Grub Armor Set

How to getthe parts

It was hard to pick which armor went to number 10 but the Grub set was the winner. The set increases your stamina, which is useful at the start of the game so you can either flee from the tough early-game enemies, looking at you mosquitoes. The set bonus also means you lose less stamina when attacking.

All you need to do is analyse some grub hide, which you can farm at the oak tree by digging it up and killing it. Just watch out for the wolf spiders that come out at night in the area.

Total resources needed:

  • 5 Grub Hide
  • 1 Grub Sludge
  • 1 Dry Grass

For more information: https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Grub_Armor

9. Red Ant Armor Set

How to getthe parts

The Red Ant set is probably one of the best sets for the beginning of the game as it:

  • Makes building your first base easy
  • Lets you use red ants to your advantage

You can easily get the parts without killing any ants, as there are often some dead ants around the edge of the haze, or you can also kite other bugs close to their hill.

Each piece allows you to carry more weed stems or grass planks, and the set bonus Humant means that the red ants will not attack unless you attack them or if you are caught stealing eggs.

Total resources needed:

  • 3 Mite Fuzz
  • 6 Red Ant Parts

For more information: https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Red_Ant_Armor

8. Koi Scale Armor Set

How to getthe parts

The Koi scale set is one of the easier Tier II sets to create, and you will probably get all the pieces to make it while doing the pond lab section of the main mission. To unlock the set, you just need to analyse a koi scale, which are found buried at the bottom of the pond.

Each piece boosts your chance of getting a perfect block, while the armor set bonus increases the damage you deal after getting a perfect block. These bonuses are great if you are struggling to kill wolf spiders or ladybugs.

Total resources needed:

  • 3 Koi Fish Scales
  • 3 Eel Grass Strands

For more information: https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Koi_Scale_Armor

7. Bee Armor Set

How to getthe parts

The Bee Set is a nice-looking set that you can either find rotten or craft using bee parts from the red ant hill. This is excellent armour for archers because each piece increases the chance of stun with an arrow, and the entire set increases the chance of releasing a cloud of pollen.

The best way to get the parts to make the armor is to head to the picnic table. You can either build up or use a bomb to knock the leaning shovel over. Just watch out, as flying bugs are notoriously difficult to kill, so make sure you use cover and try not to agro too many at once.

Total resources needed:

  • 6 Bee Fuzz
  • 3 Berry Leather

For more information: https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Bee_Armor

6. Ladybug Armor Set

How to getthe parts

Although the Ladybug set is at number 6, it is by no means a bad set and it can actually last you a fair chunk of the game. Each piece will increase your blocking strength, and the set bonus gives you the chance of restoring health with a successful block.

Be warned that although ladybugs are peaceful, if attacked, they will wipe the floor with the unprepared. If you are having trouble, search orb weaver web sacs for parts or try to get one into a fight with other bugs.

Total resources needed:

  • 3 Ladybug Parts
  • 3 Berry Leather

For more information: https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Ladybug_Armor

5. Antlion Armor Set

How to getthe parts

The Antlion Armour is probably the first tier 3 set that a lot of players will craft. You can unlock it by analysing an antlion part at a research station. The best way to do this is to head to the crab sandbox at night, either building your way up or ziplining from the picnic table, and fight the antlions that spawn near the oasis. If you have a shield and a salty weapon, it will make it that much easier. Just watch out for the burrow attack.

For the whole set, you will need antlion parts, antlion mandibles, and silk.

The brilliant thing about this set is that it will give you increased sizzle protection with each piece equipped, and it will slow your water drain. Its set bonus is quick draw, increasing your attack speed with bows and crossbows.

This is the perfect armor to wear while harvesting coals or doing the coaltana challenge. It is also useful when fighting the annoying ladybug larvae that are common in the upper yard.

Total resources needed:

  • 9 antlion parts
  • 1 antlion pincer
  • 4 silk rope

For more information: https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Antlion_Armor

4. Fire Ant Armor Set

How to getthe parts

The Fire Ant Set is the best ant set in the game. Each piece applies corrosion, allowing you to do a little extra damage, while the set bonus is acid splash. This effect has a chance to launch an additional ranged acidic splash that will deal extra damage.

You can get the recipe by analysing the head, body, and mandibles of a fire ant. The best place to find red ants is along the wall in the upper yard or at their ant hill (which can be risky as they can swarm you, so wear something tough and bring a suitable weapon).

Total resources needed:

  • 1 Fire Ant Head
  • 6 Fire Ant Part
  • 1 Fire Ant Mandables
  • 1 Dust Mite Fuzz

For more information:https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Fire_Ant_Armor

3. Roly Poly Armor Set

How to getthe parts/ Crusty armor

There are two versions of this tanky armor to be found in the game. The first is the crusty roly-poly set, which is scattered around the yard. The second is the standard set, for which you will need to kill peaceful roly-polys to secure the parts.

The crusty set pieces are found in three separate spots. The breastplate is found in the salt burrow in the sandbox (this is one of the caves blocked by the massive antlions). The helmet is behind a discarded Jabby Cola can in the tipped trash can in the trash heap. Finally, the graves are on the picnic table in the maze, behind one of the Mants.

Once you get these pieces, analyse them at a research station to get the recipe for the normal Roly Poly set.

Total resources needed:

  • 11 Lint Rope
  • 12 Pupa Leather
  • 10 Roly Poly Shell
  • 10 Roly Poly Parts

For more information: https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Roly_Poly_Armor

2. Widow Armor Set

How to getthe parts

The widow set is one of the more difficult sets to get on this list due to the fact that there are only 4 on the map, and once you kill them, it takes a week for them to respawn. They are also no joke to fight, as they have no weaknesses and are resistant to all elemental types of damage. They also have hatchlings that deal poison damage too.

The pieces allow you to apply poison damage to your attacks, and the set bonus gives you a little speed boost after killing an enemy.

To get the recipe, you need to analyse a widow fang and some super venom, both of which are rare drops.

Total resources needed:

  • 1 Black Widow Fangs
  • 1 Super Spider Venom
  • 20 Spider Chunks

For more information: https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Widow_Armor

1. Assassin's Armor Set

How to getthe parts

The Assassin set is not only the best looking, but it is also one of the best in the game for most situations. Each piece lets your critical hits have a chance of inflicting the Bleed effect, similar to the assassin mutation. The set bonus "Critical Chains" gives you the chance to chain critical attacks.

You get the recipe by analysing a mantis head and mantis piece. To fight the mantis, you need the Orchid Mantis Kebab, which means you will also need to kill the Brood Mother Boss in the hedge first.

Total resources needed:

  • 3 Mantis chunk
  • 3 Berry Leather

For more information: https://grounded.fandom.com/wiki/Assassin's_Armor

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[Top 10] Grounded Best Armors From Early Till Late Game (2024)


[Top 10] Grounded Best Armors From Early Till Late Game? ›

For players starting off, we recommend getting the Red Ant Club - probably the easiest Tier 2 weapon to get in the game. North of the Hedge is a small cave built into the brick wall - there's a rotten Red Ant Club in there that you can analyze and learn the recipe for a proper one.

What is the best early game weapon in Grounded? ›

For players starting off, we recommend getting the Red Ant Club - probably the easiest Tier 2 weapon to get in the game. North of the Hedge is a small cave built into the brick wall - there's a rotten Red Ant Club in there that you can analyze and learn the recipe for a proper one.

What is the best early game armor Mass Effect? ›

Best armor in ME1

The Scorpion Armor is a staple in the first half of the game, particularly for the classes who need to stick to light armor. Available relatively early in the game, it sits comfortably on the higher end of all light armor sets in terms of stats.

What is the strongest animal in Grounded? ›

Black Widow Spiders

As one might expect, Black Widows are the deadliest and hardest-to-kill angry creatures in Grounded that aren't official bosses. Immune to poison and resistant to all elemental and weapon types, Black Widow Spiders have no vulnerability whatsoever.

How to get raging wolf armor? ›

The Raging Wolf Set is a complete set of Attire that's obtained in Leyndell, Royal Capital, after completing the final invasion for Volcano Manor. This set includes the Raging Wolf Helm, Raging Wolf Armor, Raging Wolf Gauntlets, and Raging Wolf Greaves.

Is cleanrot armor good? ›

The armour worn by the Cleanrot Knights of the Caelid Wilds may be harder to obtain, but by prioritising it you'll gain access to one of the undisputed best early armour sets in Elden Ring. The Cleanrot Set beats the Twinned Armor Set in every stat except Vitality, albeit at the price of being slightly heavier.

Is Shadow Assassin armor good? ›

Superior is cheaper (the shadow assassin chestplate itself is more expensive than a whole superior set), but shadow assassin is a better armor set in terms of ehp and damage. Its also a really good armor set for dungeons, as it is suitable for berserks all the way up to floor 6.

Where is the secret weapon in Grounded? ›

The Pinch Whacker is located inside a trash can next to the computer consoles, and players can simply take it. There's also a metal storage container with more goodies inside to take, including Sturdy Plating, Supreme Plating, Study Whetstone, and Supreme Whetstone.

What is the best order to do things in Grounded? ›

We suggest this order:
  • Hedge Lab (if you didn't go already)
  • Pond Lab.
  • Haze Lab.
  • Black Anthill Lab.
Apr 15, 2024

How to get Cerberus spirit armor? ›

With Mass Effect 3: Citadel installed, achieve over 9,999 points in the Armax Arsenal Arena. The armor will be offered as a reward in an email, along with the Cerberus Shade Armor and Cerberus Spirit Armor. After the email is read, the armor will be located next to the machines for the bronze, silver and gold tokens.

How to get Cerberus Ajax armor? ›

Acquisition. The armor is included in the Alternate Appearance Pack 1 downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 3. In Mass Effect Legendary Edition it is available to equip once Commander Shepard returns to the Normandy SR-2 following Priority: The Citadel I.

What is the best early Hardmode Armour? ›

To save resources, it is recommended that you choose one early Hardmode armor set and use it until you defeat your first mechanical boss. Palladium, Orichalcum, and Titanium sets are typically preferred over Cobalt, Mythril, and Adamantite, but alternatives have been listed for players whose worlds contain Adamantite.

What is the best damage type in Grounded? ›

Finally, the most effective and versatile damage type in Grounded is Stabbing damage. Commonly associated with pointed weapons and projectiles, stabbing damage will provide an attack damage bonus to many spears and swords within the game.

What is the strongest club in Grounded? ›

The Club Of The Mother Demon doesn't just have a fantastic name; it's also one of the strongest weapons or tools in the Backyard.

Is there Tier 3 armor in Grounded? ›

Black Ox Armor is a Tier III set of medium armor that provides great defense as well as allows your charged attacks to weaken enemies.

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