Snowbird Brown's life after father's death: pregnant, net worth (2024)

• Amora Jean Snowbird Brown is a renowned actress from the unscripted series, Alaskan Bush People
• She is the oldest daughter of the Brown family and has five older siblings
• She has a deep and incredible connection with the wildlife and nature and is an animal lover
• She is standing 5 ft. 5 inches tall and weighs around 123 pounds
• After Ami’s recovery, the Brown family purchased a 435-acre property in North Cascade Mountains and been living there ever since


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  • 4 Early life
  • 5 Career
  • 6 Relationship
  • 7 Net worth and Salary
  • 8 Physical characteristics
  • 9 Current Life


Amora Jean Snowbird Brown is a renowned actress of the unscripted series from Discovery Channel, Alaskan Bush People. She and her family became famous for sharing and portraying their life as an ethnic family living in the Alaskan wilderness. The series was launched on May 06, 2014 and she also worked on several shows on the Discovery channel together with Stephanie Ford.


Snowbird is the oldest daughter of the Brown family and has five older brothers. Growing up, it was expected that her older siblings will help looking out for her but as time goes by, she became fiercer and more independent just like her mother whom she adores the most.

According to her biography description on Discovery, the TV actress spends most of days outside – hunting, fishing or just simple spend her time alone by the river or creek and read her favorite book. On other days, she would climb up the tree and silently watch the nature at the mountain meadows. She has a deep and incredible connection with the wildlife and nature. The Alaskan Bush People star is also known to be an animal lover and would rather spend her spare time with her pets than to mingle with other people. Even her siblings are still surprise that she somehow has this mystical aura and power over the cats. They are in awe to witness that Bird’s cat is hunting with her in the forest.

Chronological Order

Amora Jean was discovered because of her fierce personality and have drawn the Discovery team to her naturalistic aura and the authenticity of her character. She was then featured to the TV series, Alaskan Bush People and shared their lifestyle effortlessly. Time goes by and she had the chance to gain her own title in the field and worked together with Stephanie Ford.

Birdy has appeared on all 11 season and it doesn’t look like that she’s about to leave anytime soon. The actress’ fans and followers have greatly appreciated her presence on the show.

Early life

Snowbird Brown was born on 18 November 1994, in Alaska, USA. and raised by her biological parents. Her father, Billy brown worked in the Northern Pacific as a commercial Fisherman and her mother, Ami Brown came from Texas and was raised to an abusive parent and managed to be independent at a young age.

Raised as Christian, Birdy has six other siblings: Noah Darkcloud Brown, Matthew Jeremiah Brown, Gabriel Starbuck Brown, Joshua Bam Bam Brown, Solomon Isaiah Freedomand her sister, Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop.

Early education, source of career, sports/hobbies/interests or other activities

Pertaining to Snowbird’s formal education, sources have revealed that she didn’t go to school or received any formal education or certificates.

However, she got skills and abilities that wasn’t normally taught in school. Growing up in the Alaskan wilderness and experienced harsh weather has honed her to become the successful individual that she is today.

She is not your typical outgoing person. Amora Jean spends most of her time strolling the wild with her pets and would sit beside a creek or river to write down her thoughts and own novels. She greatly appreciates the nature and her solitude. Her risk-taker and adventurous attitude have caused her fortune in her overall being and taught many people to live life to the fullest.

In addition, she loves hiking, swimming and helping out her parents to the farm. Birdy is a very resourceful person and makes sure to get the most out of her everyday living in the forest.

Snowbird Brown's life after father's death: pregnant, net worth (1)

She has been helpful to their parents and is a responsible daughter. She also loves music and her favorite musicians are Nancy Sinatra and Tracy Chapman.


Birdy begun her career on 06 May 2014 when she was featured on one of the most popular reality TV series, Alaskan Bush People, in which have centered in the ethnicity of her family’s lifestyle. The series circulates about the survival of their family away from the comforts and convenience of the civilization. The fans loved how they share the life of people who lives in the forest away from the modern city living. The naturalistic vibes of Snowbird have drawn the viewers to watch and wait for more episodes.

The series has been successful and already on its 11th season. She appeared on more than 70 episodes out of 80 on the said reality TV series. Her career success wasn’t limited to Alaskan Bush People because she was also starred in other discovery channel shows with Stephanie Ford.


Amora Jean have been linked to several men on her age but none of them has proved their authenticity. Birdy has a reserved personality compared to her other siblings and truly gives value to her privacy. There isn’t much informative news about her love life until now. To sum it all up, according to our sources, Amora have never been into relationship ever since.

Net worth and Salary

Amora Jean Snowbird Brown have gathered a total net worth of almost over $500 thousand. Most of her earnings have been garnered from being a TV actress. Sources said that she is gaining at least $5 thousand per day.

As of July 2020, she became available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She then immediately gained followers and the numbers would more likely to increase if she is more active on the running her accounts.

She built a considerable name on herself and has left an impact to her fans and followers despite being given a limited chance to grow in the TV industry. She made us see the life beyond our comfort zone and we can all learn from her risk taker attitude.

Physical characteristics

Birdy is 26 years old and is standing 5 ft. 5 inches tall and weighs around 123 pounds (56 kg.). She has a blonde hair color and have mesmerizing brown eyes. Her vital statistics or body measurements are 32-24-34.

Current Life

The Brown family have moved out from Alaska to Washington State after their mother was diagnosed with aggressive and severe lung cancer. In order to get closer to Los Angeles to have her regular medications, they chose to live to a closer city.

After Ami’s miraculous recovery, the Brown family purchased a 435-acre property in North Cascade Mountains and been living there ever since.

Snowbird Brown's life after father's death: pregnant, net worth (2024)
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