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New York


Much of the tourism in New York is directed to the borough of Manhattan, also known to locals as ‘The City’. While many attractions are indeed designated within the borough of Manhattan, there are yet still many more attractions all along this Empire state.

New York City is divided into 5 boroughs: Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island, additionally there is Long Island which is an extension from Queens outwards into the Atlantic and Upstate New York which extends itself from beyond the county lines of the Bronx.


What’s great about New York is the mix of cultures that exists. Considered America’s melting pot, New Yorkers come from many diverse cultural backgrounds. People from all nations and continents make up the great state of New York and this can be witnessed through the sheer abundance of foods, businesses, and services made available by its residents.


Most visitors and outsiders will find that the cuisine culture is very different when you compare neighboring places even within the five boroughs of New York. Some will notice that it is ever changing and evolving. When traveling outside of these boroughs, you’ll find even more home grown and cooked cuisines in various counties. New York is also home to many famous chefs across the country. The competitive nature of restaurants and ever changing food culture does a great deal to motivate new and modern cuisines.

A great way to spend the day is by traveling across the different boroughs of NY and experiencing the many cultural delights that are offered. Queens and Brooklyn tend to carry a vast majority of Asian cuisines, from Chinese to Thai and other Southeast Asian foods. Parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn also have a great deal of Russian and European dining options. Traveling to different counties outside of these boroughs can also be rewarding as they all have their own specialties and niche favorites.

There is almost always something to do, see, or eat here in the State of New York. Culinary delights pepper all the boroughs and across this state, but museums and galleries are often densely populated in the confines of the city, with a few outside and even farther away from the urban environment. Oddities and curiosities await through adventurous that travel outside of the boroughs, with caves, caverns, and hiking trails all across the many State Parks that cover much of Upstate New York.

Festivals & Yearly events

Annual Events and Festivals make up for a lot of the seasonal crowds and visitors within New York City. The most notable festivals include: The Tribeca Film Festival, Feast of San Gennaro, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and the famous Time Square New Year’s Eve Apple Drop. Each event draws large crowds and almost certainly traffic. If you’re looking to participate, be sure to reserve a spot or show up early.


New York is a destination that’s ideal to visit during the summer, fall, and autumn months. Tourism during the winter season is generally indoor shopping and Christmas tree watching in Rockefeller Center. This is not to say that there aren’t winter time activities to be enjoyed, but depending on how heavily the snow blankets the city, traveling can be seriously affected. If your looking to see the famous tree lighting ceremony, consider staying that the Club Quarters Hotel, which is directly across the street from Rockafeller Center. For accommodations in the city of Manhattan, consider the affordable, Hotel Pennsylvania

Skiing, snowboarding and other snow related sports and activities do get a great deal of pressure often in the Upstate regions of New York. Reservations for cabins and hotels can easily be met, and often times at a greater deal earlier on in the season.

With the warmer seasons, more activities like camping, hiking and mountain climbing are available. Not to mention that many of the attractions in Upstate NY consist of Historic Preservation and Landmarks. Summers are great times to take advantage of white water rafting and lazy river tubing.


Deals on hotels in various parts of New York can range from cheap to luxurious and expensive in price. A number of factors are involved in determining the cost and price range of each accommodation option. Much of Upstate New York consists of suburbs with various mixes of minor industrial areas. While some New Yorkers prefer to visit resorts and spas, many local New Yorkers find it calming to escape the confines of the city through outdoor activities in Upstate New York. Still, much of the luxury and five star hotels exist primarily within the borough of Manhattan. People looking for an escape can often find deals on resorts, spas, and bed & breakfast options outside of these boroughs.

These cities in the region are definitely worth a visit:


The epicenter of business and entertainment, Manhattan serves as one of the top destinations for all tourists looking to experience culinary cuisines, Broadway plays, and of course shop to their heart (or perhaps wallets) content. For New Yorkers, Manhattan serves as their fast paced concrete jungle, a place of work and fun. All you really need to do is have an open mind and see what this great city has to offer.


Queens is more of a change in pace and scenery compared to Manhattan. There tends to be more mom and pop stores, quieter attractions, with less crowds, and cheaper prices. Attractions like the globe in the old World’s Fair grounds, which has been iconic and featured in many recent films and shows. Or the Hall of Science which has annually been featured at the top of many school trips. One would be remiss to skip out on a tour of Queens.


Brooklyn is an up and coming city, it has been considered the yuppie’s new playground. A hip and chic sort of area reserved for people spilling out of Manhattan and looking for affordable fun and fantastic food. Brooklyn is also home to the New York Aquarium situated at the end of the famous Coney Island Beach. While quiet during the winter season, Coney Island becomes transformed with crowds and entertainment during the warmer seasons.

Want to know more about these cities? Read the city guides for each of them here:

Manhattan City Guide *

Queens City Guide *

Brooklyn City Guide

While these three cities within New York State are compelling and worthwhile to visit, be sure to do some research, New York has a lot to offer, from a wide selection of activities to experiences that are to be gained. Enjoy your stay, and may it truly memorable.

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New York State Hotels | Find and compare great deals on trivago (2024)
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