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The 1.4 Update for Grounded, dubbed the Fully Yoked Update, has arrived and brings the games launch on various platforms, New Game+, new items, Royal Ant Queens, and more!

This page acts as a comprehensive breakdown of the Fully Yoked 1.4 Update for Grounded, including a link to the full Patch Notes.

Royal Ant Queens


Each of the 3 ant colonies within the game will now have an Ant Queen, buried deep within their respective ant hills. Upon reaching a queen, you'll have a choice to befriend or betray her, and there will be unique rewards depending on your choice, as well as consequences, some of which won't be immediately obvious. Your treatment of each queen also dictates how the rest of the colony react to you, so choose wisely!

New Game+

New Game+ arrives in this update, but in order to access it you'll need to master the backyard. To begin a New Game+ run, you'll need to have defeated the following bosses:

  • Broodmother
  • Mantis
  • Wasp Queen
  • Javamatic

With those bosses vanquished, use Wendell's new REMIX.R to head to an alternate dimension version of the backyard. Here the spawns will be different, enemies will be tougher and more agile, and new secrets will be waiting for you to uncover.

Defeating these Raw Science-infused enemies reward you with trinkets that possess unique, random properties that can enhance your character in a number of ways. New Ominent Badges and BURG.L Chip Trinkets will also be available for you to find, further improving your character.

In order to upgrade your weapons further, you'll need to find new materials and use them at the new Yoking Station which you'll need to purchase from the Advanced System Library (ASL) in these remixed yards.

New Content

Fully Yoked brings in over 20 new items and equipment available now and more achievements to unlock. Most of the new items can only be found in NG+ but there’s still a ton for players to discover and create. There are more trinkets in the first run of the game that players can create and equip and more fun decorative items like the Ant Queen chaise lounges, chandeliers, and new Termite King Pipe Organ (gross) to decorate your home with.

There’s also a new Mutation “Antbassador” you can earn that will let you “become one with the ants of the yard.”

  • New Buildings
    • 12 Ant Queen-related buildings
      • Chaise Lounges
      • Chandeliers
      • Stuffed Queens
      • Head Mount
  • New Floor Rugs
  • Termite King Pipe Organ
  • 3 new Baby Ant Pets
  • Over 20 new items and equipment
  • Over 20 new trinkets
  • Antbassador Mutation
  • A new sign-set (New Game+)
  • 4 new achievements
  • Full Japanese voice overs


Additional Features

Additional features that are part of Update 1.4 include:

  • "Bugs Fight Each Other" custom game option
    • Natural enemies will fight each other if they are near each other, and neutral creatures will fight each other if struck accidentally. This default setting can now be turned off
  • Link Colors
    • Links now have 5 color options for distinguishing them while editing
  • Multiplayer Load Game
    • Load a save in the middle of a multiplayer session
  • Recover Pets
    • Recover any pets that are not currently following you with this Game Repair button
  • Object Capacity
    • The object capacity meter can be found on the pause menu that tells you how many objects, either in a Playground or a standard game, you have in your level
  • Playground Link Copy/Paste
    • Copy and paste the configuration of a Link in a Playground
  • Cross play will be supported across Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC

Tuning & Fixes

  • Combat
    • Attack speed slow effects no longer stack
  • Animation
    • Stagger animations for all ants and stinkbugs now physically displace them
  • Armor and Weapons
    • Increasing scythe attack speed by 15%
    • Lowering attack speed bonus granted by battle axe combo finishers by 5%
    • The Mighty upgrade path now applies an additional status effect to weapons, much like the Sleek upgrade path for armor
  • Items
    • Trinket items that previously appeared as brown bags now have a new shared trinket model
    • Gold cards are not required for 100% on the Report Card
  • UI
    • Quest objectives on the map show the quest name now when hovered over
    • Trailer Marker names are shown on the map when hovering over a Trail Marker icon if a name is set
    • Improved image quality of item icons on lower end hardware
  • Audio
    • New audio track added for New Game+
  • Playgrounds
    • Ziplines created in Playground edit mode cannot be recycled or renamed in Play mode
  • Optimization
    • Significantly reduced the CPU load of the game
    • Significantly reduced the CPU load during defense events
    • Reduced memory usage across the game
    • Saving the game is now faster


  • Audio logs that were collected but not showing up in the Data tab will properly show up now
    • This was affecting some people from getting 100%
  • Animations and audio work correctly for clients when someone else uses a dandelion tuft
  • Some buildings placed in very specific locations will no longer be unsupported upon loading the save
  • Fixed a problem where certain stacks of ladders could cause a saved game to never finish loading
  • Non-grid buildings attached to grid buildings will now appear and disappear correctly on clients
  • Bugs will interact with the world around them more often (Lady Bugs chasing Aphids, Aphids dropping Honeydew, etc.)

Full Patch Notes

If you wish to read the Patch Notes in full, you can do so via the official Grounded websites 1.4 Patch Notes blog post.

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