Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (2024)

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There have always been unusual creatures dwelling in the Souls games. The darkstalkers of Dark Souls, the messengers of Bloodborne, and so on. Yet somehow, none of them are quite so surreal as Elden Ring's fingers. Even the sentence sounds bizarre.


Elden Ring Build Guide: Faith/Dexterity

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Yet grace us with even more finger lore, Shadow of the Erdtree does. At the end of a lengthy questline sending to the farthest reaches of the realm of shadow, you will come face-to-finger with Metyr, Mother of Fingers. Yet how does one battle the most saintly of fingers? Read on to find out.

Where To Find Metyr, Mother Of Fingers

To gain access to Metyr, you must partake in the questline of Count Ymir, found at Manus Metyr Cathedral. He tasks you with finding the various Finger Ruins of the Realm of Shadow one at a time. These are as follows:

  • The Finger Ruins of Rhia, located to the south of Manus Metyr Cathedral and accessed through the Cerulean Coast.
  • The Finger Ruins of Dheo, located north of Manus Metyr Cathedral and accessed through the Hinterlands.
  • Finally, the Finger Ruins of Miyr, buried right underneath the Manus Metyr Cathedral.

After sounding the Hanging Bell in the Finger Ruins of Miyr, you will be whisked away to Metyr's arena to battle the Mother of Fingers herself.

If you'd prefer a more detailed walkthrough to reach Metyr and complete the rest of Count Ymir's questline, we have a dedicated guide you can check out.

Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Strengths And Weaknesses

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (2)

Despite being the Mother of Fingers, Metyr carries very few of the weaknesses of her offspring. While they tend to bear a particular aversion to fire, she faces no such issues.

However, she has retained their weakness to slash weapons, though to a lesser degree. Let's break down some of those strengths and weaknesses a bit more below.



High Defences Against All Magic Types

Has A Specific Weakness To Slashing Weapons

Is Immune To Madness And Sleep Entirely

Is Susceptible To Poison, Scarlet Rot, Frostbite, And Especially Blood Loss.

Can Easily Defend Her Sides And Keep You Checked At Range

Has A Specific Weak Point In Her Ruptured Stomach To Her Front

She attacks across a wide variety of damage types as well, so be prepared.

Since she's resistant to almost every type of magic and element, you might struggle against her as a dedicated spell-caster, though certain Sorceries like Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (3)Impenetrable Thorns or Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (4)Shard Spiral can be quite helpful for their Blood Loss build-up and continual damage, respectively.

The biggest weakness Metyr has is the combination of Blood Loss and slashing weapons.

This makes Katanas (and in particular, the newly added Great Katanas) an incredibly viable weapon against her. As long as you can manage her from the front, aiming right for the stomach is the most surefire path to victory.

Best Build For Metyr, Mother Of Fingers

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (5)

Metyr is far from the most challenging boss in the DLC, though she's not a pushover either. Thankfully, she doesn't aggro as soon as you enter the arena, so you have plenty of time to do your set-up before the fight begins properly.

The biggest challenge with Metyr is her second phase due to the microcosm she summons and the additional ranged capabilities she gets with that. Keep fast on your feet, and you'll have her down in no time.

General Build Tips

Though Metyr has quite a few resistances, none of her resistances are quite so high as to invalidate any build with at least a small amount of variety in them, so adjusting your loadout and equipped spells should be easy to handle.

  • Have a Scadutree Blessing of ten at a minimum, though around 13 will make her much more managable.
  • Blood Loss is the way to go here, so Impenetrable Thorns and Bloodflame Blade will demolish her.
  • Likewise, Slashing weapons will deal extra damage and innate Blood Loss will add to this.
  • Her most dangerous attacks are her magic ones, so magic-resisting talismans like Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (6)Spelldrake Talisman are great.

If you use a Mimic Tear, Lord of Blood's Exultation can be immensely helpful for boosting both of your attacks' damage once Blood Loss occurs.

Overall, there are a few ways to whittle down Metyr no matter your build, so you shouldn't have to go around searching for Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (7)Larval Tear . She's not the fastest boss either, so whatever Equipment Weight you're used to should get you through.

How To Beat Metyr, Mother Of Fingers

Metyr, already a visually striking boss, evolves quite distinctly during her battle. During her second phase, she summons a microcosm and starts flitting about the battlefield much more frequently.

As such, she's relatively stationary during her first phase, so try to take her down quickly before she becomes more mobile.

The most difficult part of Metyr is positioning. She is large, which is already something the camera may struggle with, but she's also covered in fingers.

This means navigating her sides is difficult as she can easily catch you and rapidly assault you with her innumerable fingers. Too many fingers.

When you're at range, she'll also frequently attack you with her head-like finger, firing off a laser. She may also opt to simply jump into the air and try to slam down on you to close the gap instead.

Finally, she can summon smaller Finger Creepers to assist her as well, so keep these in mind to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Moveset

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (8)

Below, we've included a list of many of her moves and how best to counter them, so you needn't fear her many, many fingers.


Attack Description


Finger Laser

Metyr fires off a quick laser when you're a distance away from her.

This attack isn't too hard to avoid. Dodge it in any direction once she fires, or just run to the left or right.

Finger-Head Slam

Metyr stretches towards you and slams her head in front of you. She can then slam two more times with her whole body.

This move has a deceptive range, and Metyr will only use it when she's actually in range, so always dodge it if you see her reeling up. To the left or right are the safest directions.

Moving Finger Laser

Like her regular finger laser, but this time, she attempts to follow you with it.

This one is best to run from, though it cannot hit if you're right in front of Metyr. Take advantage of the downtime to attack her stomach.

Spewing Leap

Metyr will pull at her ruptured stomach before leaping into the air and creating some distance from you, spewing her innards all the while.

Metyr uses this attack to escape you, though it can deal some splash damage, so give yourself some distance when you see her pulling at her stomach.

Arm Swipes

Using her spindly arms, Metyr will swipe twice in front of herself.

This attack is easily avoided and doesn't have much range so dodge towards her. Just don't forget about the second swipe.

Arm Slam

With a single arm, Metyr will slam down to either her left or right with a small area of effect.

There's a notable wind-up to this attack, so simply move to the opposite arm when you see it, or create distance if you'd rather fight at range.

Finger Flick

If you try to circle around to Metyr's side, she may choose to punish you by flicking you with her fingers. This attack extends across the entire length of her side.

It's best to avoid Metyr's side altogether, though you should dodge away when you see the fingers coming at you to avoid any advancing attacks she may use.

Body Slam

Metyr will stand up upright before dropping her whole body down.

This attack covers most of Metyr's body, so it's best to either dodge to the sides or back away so you can close in again after the attack finishes.

Finger Summons

After a certain point, Metyr will tear at her stomach to birth Finger Creepers. The burst will damage you while summoning the fingers.

You have two options here - tank the damage from the enemies spawning and try to take them all down at once while they're grouped, or make some distance to avoid the damage and getting overwhelmed.

Microcosm Summoning

After Metyr reaches around half her HP, she will rather quickly summon a microcosm upon her tail fingers, causing a burst all around her that knocks you away.

She can also call upon the microcosm during her second phase, where she will float in the air before summoning a much more damaging burst around her.

This attack can come pretty quickly as a phase transition, though it doesn't deal too much damage so you should be able to tank it if you have enough health.

If she summons it during her second phase, start running as soon as you see her levitating so you can get out of the attack's range. You can also dodge it, though the timing is quite precise.

Levitating Spin

In her second phase, Metyr will at times levitate with the power of the microcosm. She floats quite high in the air for this attack before spinning rapidly and chasing you down.

This attack isn't too hard to dodge, you just need to make sure not to lose track of where she is in the air as this attack can still deal quite a bit of damage.

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And there you have it. Her second phase doesn't make her obscenely powerful by any means, but it does make her harder to keep in check. Remember to try and deal as much damage as possible in the first phase to limit the benefits she gets from her second phase.

What To Do With The Remembrance Of The Mother Of Fingers

So you've defeated Metyr, the Mother of Fingers, and earned your much-deserved reward, the Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (9)Remembrance of the Mother of Fingers . This allows you to create two items from it: a Staff and a Colossal Weapon.

The first is the Staff, the Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (10)Staff of the Great Beyond Being of the stars but an object of worship, the Staff of the Great Beyond allows you to cast both Sorceries and Incantations from a single catalyst.

It doesn't have the highest scaling, though it offers immense convenience. As a result, it requires both 25 Faith and 25 Intelligence to use.

The second is the Colossal Weapon, the Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (11)Gazing Finger . It is, quite simply, the head-like finger of Metyr, detached and used as a weapon. It's a bit macabre. It's a powerful item yet funny looking weapon that comes with a unique Ash of War, Kowtower's Resentment. It requires 20 Strength, 20 Intelligence, and 14 Faith to use. It's very all-encompassing.


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Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Metyr, Mother Of Fingers Boss Guide (2024)
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