Daly City Building Division (2024)

1. Building | Daly City, CA

  • The Building Division: Maintains related records; Reviews plans for and inspects construction of new buildings and building renovations. Daly City Amendments.

  • The Building Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of adopted Code of Regulations Title 24 to safeguard life, health, property and public welfare.

2. Permits | Daly City, CA

  • Contact the City Clerk's Office for more information by calling 650-991-8078. Quick Links. Code Enforcement · Engineering / Public Works · Planning Division ...

  • Find out more about building permit requirements.

3. Building Permits | County of San Mateo, CA

4. City of Daly City - 1-833-My-Permits

  • We can get you any type of Building Permit for your project in City of Daly City (Master permit, Sub-permits, Revisions, Standalone permit, Owner/Builder ...

  • All City Permits is a full service expediter / runner. We can expedite permit process and get you any type of Building Permit for your project in City of Daly City (Master permit, Sub-permits, Revisions, Standalone permit, Owner/Builder permit, etc.).

5. City Hall of Daly City | County of San Mateo, CA

  • Planning and Building · Probation · Public Safety Communications · Public Works ... Human Services. Department Menu. Home · Public Assistance Programs · Health ...

  • 333 90th Street Daly City, CA 94015

6. Permits and Licenses Required to Start a Business in Daly City ...

  • 16 jun 2024 · A Certificate of Occupancy is required for any business operating out of a commercial space. Issued by the Building Division, this certificate ...

  • Starting a business in Daly City, California requires careful planning and compliance with local regulations. This comprehensive guide provides business persons and emerging entrepreneurs with detailed information about the necessary permits, licenses, and approvals required by Daly City statutory authorities to ensure a smooth and legal business launch. Key Permits and Licenses for Businesses in […]

7. Daly City ADU Information - Symbium

  • Image of Daly City boundaries on a map. Map of Daly City. Daly City quick facts. 285. Number of ADUs that received building permits in Daly City in 2018 and ...

  • Daly City requirements for attached/detached ADU and garage conversions. Check your Daly City property to look at your specific ADU requirements.

8. How can I verify that my property is in the Town of Colma?

  • ... Department and building permits can be obtained at the County offices in Redwood City. ... City of Daly City that has historically been known as ...

  • Unfortunately, the Town of Colma’s boundaries do not coincide with post office mailing areas. This creates a lot of confusion about who a property owner should contact about a problem or in securing a building permit.  Here is a description of these anomalies: There is an area around and including the Colma BART station that … Continued

9. [PDF] DALY CITY MASTER FEE 23-24 - North County Fire Authority

  • CITY OF DALY CITY. Fire Department Fee ... Highlighted sections in below box are those that are primarily handled and charged at the Building Division.


  • 20 nov 2023 · Daly City Ordinance No. 992 requires that prior to entering into an “Agreement of Sale” or exchange of a residential building of less.

11. [PDF] CITY - DALY - San Mateo County Assessor

  • 28 apr 2023 · The design review approval granted herein shall be valid for a period of one year. If building permits have not been issued within this ...

12. [PDF] PERMIT APPLICATION - North County Fire Authority

  • Daly City, CA 94015-4314. Phone (650) 991-8138 Fax (650) 991-8090. PERMIT APPLICATION. In accordance with the requirements of Chapter 9, Part 3, Division 13 of ...

13. Business License Processing Center - City of Daly

  • Rental Property Supplemental Application. Upload this form in addition to submitting an application if you are renting property in Daly City. Home Occupation ...

14. Permits & Licensing Archives - Town of Colma

  • What type of construction or project does not require a building permit? ... Department of Motor Vehicles in Daly City. Department of Motor Vehicles 1500 ...

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Daly City Building Division (2024)
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