30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (2023)

A DIY dog bed can be an excellent investment of your time and less money. This is because it turns out to look amazing. Dogs are just lifelong companions, and they make you feel happy when you’re sad. They lift you up and make you want to work to be the best. Dogs are one of the most superior pets, and they can really feel their owner’s emotions since they are so smart! You can pay them off for all of their services by making them an amazing DIY dog bed! They will just adore it. So, How to make a dog bed? Just explore these 30 cheap and easy DIY dog bed plans to make your own dog bed at no cost.

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (1)

A DIY dog bed can really help improve the quality of your dog’s life. This is because these beds are just so comfy and fun! Your dog will love to sleep, snuggle, and play on these beds. It’s just the best investment of your efforts. This article will cover a range of 30 easy DIY dog beds, from no-sew to recycled tire beds, from Mid-Century pet beds to pallet wood ones, from suitcase to raised dog beds! There’s a lot to choose from. After all, who doesn’t like to have a few options?

1. No Sew Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (2)

Just look at this adorable DIY dog bed! It looks so comfy, and it will definitely provide your dog with that optimum comfort. You just have to make a no-sew blanket and just stuff it. 30oz-50oz polyfil, fabric scissors, measuring tape, and 2 fleece choices are the only supplies required! missfrugalmom

2. Dog Bed From a Recycled Tire

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (3)

Recycled crafts are just amazing for the environment of earth. If you want to contribute to saving the earth, then you should follow this amazing sustainable plan. You can use up an old tire and make an excellent quality dog bed for your little bean. practicallyfun

3. How to Make a Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (4)

A stunning and easy dog bed with a very soft and squishy mattress will provide a lot of comfort to your dog! You can place it anywhere in the house, and also the size can be customized. Sewing machine, ironing board, sewing scissors, round foam brush, and a few other supplies needed. prodigalpieces

4. How to Make Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (5)

Here’s a very compact and strong bed design that will hold up very well for a dog that weighs up to 175lbs! All you need is a free weekend to complete this amazing bed, and it will cost you around $80! Saw, scissors, hammer, and a few other tools required. wouldntitbelovely

5. Mid Century Style Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (6)

Do you love Mid Century furniture? If yes, then you’ll just adore this amazing pet bed. It’s so easy to re-create and just looks so beautiful! It can be kept in a farmhouse too. The combination of a turquoise base and then a pretty patterned colorful mattress looks very pretty together! ournerdhome

6. End Table Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (7)

Your amazing dogs will feel like the kings or queens they are, in these beautiful dog beds! These beds have a very luxurious feel to them and look perfect for all of the minimalists reading this article. This is because the base is colored all white to make it look simple.southernrevivals

7. DIY Shipping Pallet Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (8)

When you’re thinking of constructing a DIY dog bed, you want a material that is strong and durable. Your dog is going to be all over it, and you want it to hold up well! A great option can be to use pallet wood for this bed by following this plan! This wood is very strong and stable! savedbylovecre

8. DIY Burrow Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (9)

Canvas fabric, shearing fabric, fabric glue, scissors, and a few other materials will be required for you to make this amazing project a success. You may use an old dog bed or maybe just get it from someone who no longer has it in use. hallmarkchan

9. How to Build a Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (10)

How adorable is this making your own dog bed! It’s so aesthetically pleasing and also looks super comfy! Your dog will adore this bed and will sleep in it very peacefully! The best part is that you don’t even need to spend a ton of money on this DIY. It’s straightforward. thegildedhorn

10. Rustic Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (11)

A very modern looking DIY wooden dog bed which will go perfectly with the modern apartments or if you’re just trying to go for that style. The end results just look stunning, and these colors can go with the aesthetic of almost any house! ruggydiy

11. Burrow Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (12)

Even your dog can be super cold in the wintertime. They may have a lot of furs, but why do you think that they come to snuggle with you ten times a day during those cold winter months? Make them this very cozy and comfy bed for them to snuggle up in! liagriffith

12. Durable Dog Bed for Less Than $25

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (13)

You love your dog and want to make something for them but can’t exactly spend a lot of money. If you have a tight budget, then this amazing bed can be made only under $25! Isn’t that just perfect? It’s going to be so comfy and also add a lot to your living room! diynetwork

13. Make a Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (14)

If you like to change up your furniture a lot and match your dog’s bed with the theme, then this can be great for you. You can change up the cover every time you have the urge to change things up! No need to buy a new dog bed. Sharp scissors, iron and ironing board, pins, and a few other supplies required. hgtv

14. Denim Pet Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (15)

Thrifted denim jeans, sewing machines, ironing board, and a few other materials are required for you to make this project a success! This dog bed idea is so cozy and comfy, and you’ll just adore the outcome. Your dog will give you the biggest smile while snuggling up on this bed! bhg

15. Build a Modern Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (16)

A box bed for your dog is just the solution if your dog keeps falling off of the other beds that you got them. This is because not only would a box make them feel safe and secure, but also will look aesthetically pleasing in your living room. A color combination like this one is just stunning! woodshopdiaries

16. Murphy Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (17)

Do you want something that’s fast and easy? Well, here’s a plan which requires you to use your old furniture to build a dog bed. Since you won’t have to start from scratch, this will be a lot easier and quicker to do. It’s perfect for anyone who’s very busy these days. roomfortuesday

17. Dog Bed From A Suitcase

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (18)

Such a smart idea! If you follow this guide, you can literally use an old suitcase to make this adorable DIY dog bed! By painting and adding a soft mattress in here, everything’s possible! Button kit, clear coat, staple gun, old pillow, and a few other supplies are required. craftyourhappi

18. DIY Pallet Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (19)

This pallet dog bed compared to all those other dog beds, as a lot more space. Since it is so large, your dog will be able to move around freely and have fun! A drill, orbit sander, and a saw are the only three tools required! No need to buy any new complicated tools. homedepot

19. Pallet Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (20)

Isn’t this bed just the cutest thing ever? It looks so comfy and cute. You can place it in any corner of your house; however, you are recommended to keep it in a room sine it does look like a tiny bed. This DIY wood dog bed guide comes with a cut list and many details! instructables

20. Upcycle Wood Pallets Into a Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (21)

The summer season is finally here, which means that you will be spending most of your time outside, soaking up the sun. If you want your pets to hang out with you while you’re outside, you can just make them this adorable simple DIY dog bed, which will keep them feeling comfy too. hgtv

21. PVC Pipe Dog Bed / DIY Elevated Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (22)

Don’t want to spend money making an expensive bed for your dog? Maybe it’s out of your budget, or you have to spend the money elsewhere. If this is the case, this fantastic DIY PVC dog bed, which is super durable, can be made under $10! instructables

22. How to Make PVC Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (23)

How to build a dog bed out of PVC Pipe? A PVC pipe is the best material to use for a pet bed. This is because it is super inexpensive and also super easy to use. This means that any beginner can try out this project, and they won’t have to invest a ton of money into this either. thediygirl

23. DIY PVC Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (24)

How to make an elevated dog bed? A raised bed can be a little more comfy and fun. You don’t need many supplies to make this DIY PVC dog bed project a success! PVC pipes, fabric, lath screws, drill and bits, ruler, and a few other supplies will be required for you to nail this project! It’s straightforward and easy. hgtv

24. DIY Lavender Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (25)

A fantastic DIY dog bed, which is so comfy and pretty. It has a brown color to it, which makes it look super stunning and will just look amazing in your living room. Your dog will love it! A sewing machine, scissors, and a few other tools will be required. frenchbydesign

25. Make Your Own Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (26)

Such a cute little homemade dog bed! It is not only super comfy and fun for your fog but also very aesthetically pleasing to look at! The combination of black and white just makes it a classic! Everyone’s going to adore this in your living room, including your dog! decorlovin

26. Dog Bed With a Recycled Drawer Look

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (27)

Why should you use old furniture and recycle things? There are many reasons! You don’t only save a ton of money, but also it’s easier to put together these projects, and they take you less time to complete. This adorable DIY elevated dog bed will be a perfect fit for almost any dog! domestically

27. Turn Dresser Drawer Into Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (28)

Dresser is a great piece of furniture. You can really recycle the old ones and make some new and useful things out of them! For example, this amazing plan! This type of dog bed would be perfect for a bigger sized dog as it does has a lot of space in it. diyshowoff

28. Dog Bed Plan

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (29)

Not everyone has the means to spend a ton of money to make a simple DIY wooden dog bed. If you need a plan that will actually be affordable and in your reach, then follow this plan! This bed can be completed under $12 and only need a few simple supplies like some furring steps. shanty 2 chic

29. DIY Large Dog Bed

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (30)

It can be hard to find a pet bed for a dog that’s a little bigger in size. If you do find them, they’re just too expensive. This is why making your own DIY pet bed can be just a great idea. This one is very comfy and cute. Tape measure, miter saw, drill, and a few other supplies required. rogueengineer

30. How to Make A Dog Bed With Sides

30 Easy DIY Dog Bed Plans (31)

This is just a cute little dog bed idea! It looks so comfy and safe at the same time, also looks fun for your dog. You just need a few basic tools and materials for this amazing project. Not much is required. Pins, iron and ironing board, sewing machine, scissors, mattress topper, and a few other supplies needed. instructables

DIY dog house: Build your dog shelter of their own with these free dog house plans that include step by step instructions, and a material list.


Tempted to try out a few of these DIY dog bed plans? There isn’t any better time to do so; however, you are still recommended to think about a few things before getting started. You should consider the size of your dog. Yes! You don’t want to end up with a bed that’s too small or too big.

You should also do a little research about the lumber prices online and get familiar with the prices before going to the carpenter shops. This will help you get the least expensive options and help you save money! So, now just explore our cheap and easy dog bed plans for free craft your own dog bed today.

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