25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (2024)

Gentlemen, reaching the age of 60 doesn’t mean putting a full stop to your style. Quite the opposite!

It’s a milestone that offers the freedom to embrace new looks, with hair playing a significant role. As we age, our hair changes – from its texture to its thickness – and understanding these shifts can open doors to hairstyles that not only suit us but also amplify our charisma.

This article is for those dapper men over 60, looking to find a hairstyle that fits their lifestyle, whether it’s a casual gathering or a grand celebration. We hear you, and we’re here to guide you through age-appropriate styles that will make you feel confident and understood.

Dive in and let’s explore the best hairstyles for men over 60 that resonate with your life’s rich tapestry.

Understanding Ageing Hair

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Changes Over Time:
As men pass the 60-year milestone, their hair undergoes notable changes.

  • Texture Shifts: Age can transform hair from robust and coarse to softer and finer. A decline in oil production often results in drier hair, affecting its texture.
  • Thinning & Hair Loss: Many men notice thinning or distinct patterns of baldness. Genetics plays a pivotal role here, but so can certain health conditions or medications.
  • Graying: Seen by many as a sign of wisdom, graying hair results from dwindling melanin production. These silver strands offer a canvas for a range of stylish looks.

Hair Challenges & Their Causes:
To address hair challenges effectively, it’s crucial to understand their origins.

  • Dryness: With age, hair may produce less oil, leading to a drier appearance. Hydrating products can be beneficial.
  • Brittleness: Older hair can sometimes break more easily. Consistent conditioning and minimizing heat exposure can preserve its strength.
  • Slower Growth: Hair growth might decelerate with age. Factors influencing this include genetics, diet, and overall health.
  • Dietary Influence: Your diet plays a substantial role in hair health. A lack of essential nutrients can affect hair growth and quality. Ensuring a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals is pivotal for maintaining lustrous locks.

Embracing these changes is a part of the journey. As we proceed, we’ll explore styles and strategies tailored to work with your hair, ensuring you always look your best.

Classic Hairstyles for Men Over 60

Navigating the vast world of hairstyles can feel daunting, but certain classics never fade. These tried-and-true cuts complement men over 60, capturing both elegance and ease. Let’s dive into some timeless favorites:

1. The Crew Cut:

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A universally flattering choice, the crew cut is both neat and versatile.

  • Features: Shorter sides and back with a bit more length on top.
  • Benefits: Low maintenance; works well with varying hair densities.

2. The Ivy League:

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For those who want a tad more length while keeping it polished, the Ivy League is a refined option.

  • Features: Similar to the crew cut but with enough length on top for a side part or a slight comb-over.
  • Benefits: Flexible styling options; easily transitions from casual to formal.

3. Side Part:

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An enduring classic, the side part has graced heads for decades, exuding sophistication.

  • Features: Neatly combed hair with a distinct line (part) on one side.
  • Benefits: Highlights the natural shape of the head; versatile for both office and outings.

4. Slicked Back:

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A dashing choice for those with medium length hair, offering a sharp and suave look.

  • Features: Hair combed back from the forehead to cascade down the back.
  • Benefits: Gives a fuller appearance; perfect for special occasions.

The beauty of these classic hairstyles is their adaptability. Whether your hair is thick or thin, gray or colored, there’s a style in this list that can make you feel both comfortable and confident.

In the subsequent sections, we’ll delve deeper into more specific styles and hair care tips to keep you looking your best.

Embracing the Gray – Hairstyles For Men Over 60

The gradual shift to gray or silver hair is a rite of passage for many, and it comes with its own unique allure.

Graying hair is not just a sign of aging; it’s a symbol of experience, wisdom, and a life well-lived. In this section, we’ll delve into styles that not only work with but genuinely celebrate those silver strands.

1. Silver Fox:

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A title reserved for those who wear their gray with undeniable charisma.

  • Features: Natural gray tones highlighted through medium to longer lengths.
  • Benefits: A distinguished look that pairs well with both casual and formal attire.

2. Salt and Pepper:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (7)

The graceful blend of original hair color with emerging gray gives a mature yet spirited vibe.

  • Features: A mix of natural color with gray, often more pronounced on the sides and less on top.
  • Benefits: Adds depth and dimension; versatile across various hairstyles.

3. Tousled Gray:
For those who love a more relaxed, casual appearance.

  • Features: Loosely styled hair, allowing the gray to intertwine naturally.
  • Benefits: Perfect for day-to-day wear; low maintenance.

4. Short Gray Precision Cut:

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A neat, short style that puts the focus squarely on the face and the gray tones.

  • Features: Evenly cut, short hair that aligns with the contours of the head.
  • Benefits: Minimizes contrast between thinning areas and thicker ones; easy to manage.

5. Silver Side Sweep:
A modern twist on the side part, specifically tailored for gray-haired gentlemen.

  • Features: Hair is swept to one side, highlighting the gray gradient.
  • Benefits: Perfect for those with wavy or straight hair; adds an element of trendiness.

The transformation to gray is a journey of acceptance and pride. By choosing the right hairstyle, one can amplify the elegance of gray hair, turning heads and garnering compliments.

In our next segment, we’ll tackle strategies for men dealing with thinning hair, ensuring everyone has a style to call their own.

Stylish Short Hairstyles for Men Over 60 With Thinner Hair

As age progresses, it’s quite common for hair to thin out. However, this doesn’t equate to a decline in style.

With the right haircut, thinning hair can still look voluminous and fashionable. In this section, we’ll explore short hairstyles specifically curated for thinner hair, ensuring every gentleman feels stylish and self-assured.

1. Taper Fade:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (9)

The magic of blending, making thin hair appear fuller.

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  • Features: Gradual transition from slightly longer hair on top to shorter sides and back.
  • Benefits: The contrast creates an illusion of volume; highly customizable based on hair density.

2. Buzz Cut:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (10)

A bold statement that shifts focus from the hair to facial features.

  • Features: Uniformly short hair across the scalp, achieved with clippers.
  • Benefits: Nearly zero maintenance; evens out areas of variable density.

3. Textured Crop:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (11)

Adding layers and texture to give the appearance of volume.

  • Features: Short, choppy layers on top with a forward styling.
  • Benefits: The added texture boosts fullness; works great with a touch of styling product.

4. Classic Caesar Cut:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (12)

An age-old style tailored for modern times, great for forward styling.

  • Features: Short hair with a slight fringe at the front.
  • Benefits: The forward fringe can disguise receding hairlines; easy to style and maintain.

5. Short and Spiky:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (13)

Add a dash of youthful energy with this fun style.

  • Features: Short hair styled upwards to form spikes.
  • Benefits: The upward direction gives an illusion of more hair; versatile for various occasions.

Thinning hair might pose a challenge, but with the right cut and approach, it’s just another canvas for expressing personal style. Remember, confidence is the key. Own your look, and you’re already halfway to looking impeccable.

Up next, we’ll delve into longer hairstyles for those who prefer a bit more length, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Longer Hairstyles for Men Over 60

For some, age is but a number, and they see no reason to snip away their cherished locks just because the calendar suggests a certain age.

Longer hair can be both a statement and a testament to one’s journey. In this section, we’ll delve into longer hairstyles that are both stylish and suitable for the mature man who isn’t afraid to let his hair down.

1. The Man Bob:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (14)

A modern classic that sits gracefully between short and too long.

  • Features: Hair that reaches anywhere from the mid-ear to the base of the neck, often tucked behind the ears.
  • Benefits: Versatile for different hair types; can be worn straight or wavy.

2. The Layered Look:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (15)

Depth and dimension are the key features of this style.

  • Features: Varied lengths throughout, created with layers, adding movement to the hair.
  • Benefits: Reduces the appearance of thinning; layers add volume and body.

3. The Loose Wave:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (16)

Perfect for those with naturally wavy hair, providing a relaxed and casual feel.

  • Features: Slightly tousled waves that flow naturally.
  • Benefits: Emphasizes hair’s natural texture; minimal styling required.

4. Ponytail or Man Bun:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (17)

A choice that’s both functional and fashionable.

  • Features: Hair gathered at the back, either tied low for a ponytail or wrapped into a bun.
  • Benefits: Keeps hair neat and out of the face; highlights facial features.

5. Neat Comb Over Hairstyle

A classic choice that embodies sophistication and poise.

Hair neatly parted to one side, allowing the longer top to gracefully lay over, complemented by shorter or tapered sides.


  • Provides a fuller appearance, especially beneficial for men with thinning hair.
  • Versatile for both casual and formal settings.
  • Highlights the forehead and can accentuate a distinguished brow or facial structure.

6. The Natural Flow:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (19)

For those who let their curls or waves roam free.

  • Features: Natural curls or waves, allowed to form and flow without much interference.
  • Benefits: Celebrates the hair’s inherent texture; perfect for those with curly or wavy hair.

Opting for a longer hairstyle is a bold move, and it comes with its charm. Proper care and occasional trims ensure the style remains impeccable.

Up next, we’ll touch upon hairstyles for men with balding or receding hairlines, ensuring every gentleman finds his signature look, irrespective of hair challenges.

Hairstyles For Men Over 60 With Receding Hairlines

Age brings wisdom, experiences, and sometimes, a few shifts in our hairlines or even bald patches.

However, receding hairlines or baldness can be styled with grace and confidence. This section is dedicated to helping men embrace these changes and discover hairstyles that highlight their features in the best light.

1. The Short Crop:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (20)

Perfect for those in the early stages of a receding hairline.

  • Features: Short, evenly trimmed hair, with a subtle forward styling to reduce the prominence of the receding areas.
  • Benefits: Low maintenance; the even length provides uniformity.

2. The Bald and Bearded:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (21)

A dynamic look that shifts the focus from the scalp to the facial hair.

  • Features: A clean-shaven head paired with a well-maintained beard.
  • Benefits: Highlights facial features; beard offers a balance to the overall appearance.

3. The Close Shave:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (22)

A step beyond the buzz cut, but not completely bald.

  • Features: Extremely short hair, almost down to the skin, giving a shadow-like appearance.
  • Benefits: Reduces the contrast between hair and balding areas; provides a neat, athletic look.

5. The Comb-Over Reinvented:

25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (23)

Not the old-fashioned cover-up, but a modern, subtle approach.

  • Features: Longer hair on one side combed over the thinner or receding area.
  • Benefits: Gives an illusion of fuller hair; flexible styling based on the degree of hair loss.

Receding hairlines or baldness are natural aspects of aging for many men. The key is to approach them with confidence and choose a style that aligns with your personal aesthetic and comfort level.

In our final section, we’ll delve into essential hair care tips to ensure your chosen style looks impeccable at all times.

Hair Care Tips for the Seasoned Gentleman

Ageing might bring its set of challenges, but with the right care regimen, you can ensure your hair remains healthy and vibrant. After all, a great hairstyle is only as good as the health of the hair itself.

This section will equip men over 60 with essential hair care tips tailored to their unique needs.

1. Moisturize Regularly:
With age, hair tends to get drier.

  • Tip: Invest in a good quality hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Consider using hair oils like argan or jojoba for added moisture.

2. Reduce Heat Exposure:
Protect those precious locks from undue stress.

  • Tip: Limit the use of hair dryers, and if you must use them, opt for cooler settings. When out in the sun, consider wearing a hat.

3. Scalp Health is Crucial:
A healthy scalp ensures healthier hair growth.

  • Tip: Regular scalp massages can boost circulation. Consider using shampoos with tea tree oil or other natural ingredients to maintain scalp health.

4. Trim Regularly:
Even if you’re growing your hair out, occasional trims prevent split ends.

  • Tip: Visit your barber every 6-8 weeks to keep your hairstyle looking fresh and neat.

5. Embrace Natural Hair Products:
Limit exposure to chemicals as they can be harsh on ageing hair.

  • Tip: Look for shampoos, conditioners, and styling products with natural ingredients. Avoid those with parabens, sulfates, and excessive alcohol.

6. Stay Nourished:
Your hair’s health reflects your internal health.

  • Tip: Incorporate a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, especially biotin, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids, to support hair health.

7. Limit Tight Hairstyles:
Constant tension can lead to hair breakage or hair loss.

  • Tip: If you wear your hair in a ponytail or bun, keep it loose. Rotate the positions to avoid stressing the same hair strands repeatedly.

8. Consult a Dermatologist:
If you notice sudden hair loss or scalp issues, it’s wise to seek professional advice.

  • Tip: Early detection can help address potential scalp or hair health problems, ensuring your mane remains in its best shape.

Caring for your hair is a blend of external treatments and internal nourishment. By adopting these tips, men over 60 can ensure their hair remains as youthful and vibrant as their spirit.

As we wrap up, remember that your hairstyle is an extension of your personality, and the key is to wear it with confidence.

The Perfect Hair Product for Your Style

Achieving and maintaining that perfect hairstyle often requires a little assistance, and that’s where hair products come into play. From holding a style in place to adding volume or shine, the right product can make all the difference.

In this section, we’ll guide mature gentlemen through the maze of hair products, helping them select the best fit for their hair type and desired look.

1. Hair Gel:
Best for structured hairstyles with a shiny finish.

  • Use: Suitable for short to medium lengths. Apply on damp hair and style.
  • Tip: Opt for alcohol-free gels to prevent hair from drying out.

2. Pomade:
For medium to strong hold with a bit of shine.

  • Use: Works well with classic, slicked-back looks or pompadours. Suitable for medium lengths.
  • Tip: There are water-based and oil-based pomades; the former is easier to wash out.

3. Hair Wax:
Offers a medium hold with a matte finish.

  • Use: Perfect for textured, tousled looks in short to medium hair lengths.
  • Tip: Warm up a small amount between your palms before applying for even distribution.

4. Hair Clay:
Provides a strong hold with a natural, matte finish.

  • Use: Ideal for textured, voluminous styles in medium to long hair.
  • Tip: Less is more; start with a small amount and build up if necessary.

5. Mousse:
Light hold with added volume, especially for thinning hair.

  • Use: Apply to damp hair, then blow-dry to set. Great for wavy and curly hairstyles.
  • Tip: Opt for a mousse with natural conditioning agents to nourish the hair.

6. Hair Spray:
For setting a style in place or adding a finishing touch.

  • Use: A quick spritz from a distance to hold your style. Choose from light to strong hold based on need.
  • Tip: Avoid sprays with high alcohol content to prevent hair drying.

7. Hair Serum:
Smoothing, shining, and protection, especially for longer hair.

  • Use: Just a few drops can combat frizz and add shine. Apply to the ends of damp or dry hair.
  • Tip: Look for serums containing argan oil or keratin for added hair health benefits.

8. Thickening Tonics and Sprays:
For men dealing with thinning hair.

  • Use: Spritz onto the roots of damp hair, then style. They add volume and create an illusion of fuller hair.
  • Tip: Regular use can help in maintaining a voluminous appearance.

Selecting the right hair product is akin to choosing the best tool for a job. Depending on your hair type, desired style, and the occasion, your choice will vary. It’s also advisable to occasionally give your hair a break from products to let it breathe. Remember, while products aid in styling, the foundation of great hair lies in its health and care.

The Impact of Lifestyle Choices on Hair Health

Our hair often serves as an external barometer of our internal health and lifestyle. It’s not just age that affects the condition and appearance of a man’s hair; daily habits, diet, and even stress levels can play a significant role.

Let’s delve into the intimate connection between lifestyle choices and hair health, offering guidance on how men over 60 can optimize their routines for a vibrant mane.

1. Diet and Nutrition:
Your hair is what you eat.

  • Explanation: Hair requires essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals to grow and remain healthy.
  • Tip: Incorporate foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, iron, and vitamin E, such as salmon, nuts, eggs, and leafy greens, into your diet.

2. Hydration:
Quench your hair’s thirst.

  • Explanation: Just like the rest of our body, our hair benefits from proper hydration.
  • Tip: Aim for 8-10 glasses of water a day to support overall health, which indirectly benefits hair.

3. Physical Activity:
Get moving for better circulation.

  • Explanation: Regular exercise boosts blood circulation, ensuring hair follicles receive ample nutrients.
  • Tip: Even brisk walking for 30 minutes a day can make a difference.

4. Stress Management:
Ease the mind, ease the hair.

  • Explanation: Chronic stress can lead to hair thinning and even hair loss in some men.
  • Tip: Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, or even hobbies to destress.

5. Sleep Patterns:
Restful nights lead to radiant mornings.

  • Explanation: Quality sleep is vital for body regeneration, including hair growth cycles.
  • Tip: Aim for 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Consider silk pillowcases to reduce hair friction.

6. Limiting Alcohol and Smoking:
Toxins and hair don’t mix well.

  • Explanation: Excessive alcohol can dehydrate the hair, while smoking restricts blood flow to the follicles, impairing hair growth.
  • Tip: Moderation is key. Reducing or quitting smoking and limiting alcohol can have positive effects on hair health.

7. Hair Handling:
Treat your hair with kindness.

  • Explanation: Rough handling, such as aggressive towel drying, can lead to breakage.
  • Tip: Pat hair dry gently and avoid pulling or tugging. Use wide-toothed combs for wet hair.

8. Exposure to Environmental Factors:
Guard against the elements.

  • Explanation: Sun, wind, and pollutants can damage hair, making it dry and brittle.
  • Tip: When outdoors for extended periods, consider wearing hats or caps and use hair products with UV protection.

Conclusion: Hairstyles For Men Over 60

Ageing is an inevitable journey, one that brings with it a wealth of experiences, wisdom, and transformations. One of the most noticeable changes is in our appearance, specifically our hair.

But as we’ve explored throughout this article, ageing doesn’t equate to a decline in style or self-expression. In fact, it offers a unique opportunity for men over 60 to redefine their look, embracing changes with pride and flair.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Understanding Hair Changes: As men age, hair undergoes natural transitions, from its density to its color. But with each change, there’s an opportunity to experiment and find a style that resonates.
  • Diverse Hairstyles for Every Occasion: Whether it’s a casual gathering or a formal event, there’s a hairstyle out there that fits the occasion and reflects your personality.
  • Hair Care is Key: Beyond style, ensuring the health of your hair is paramount. From the products you use to the dietary choices you make, every aspect plays a role in maintaining that youthful vigor.
  • Lifestyle Choices Matter: Our external appearance, including our hair, often mirrors our internal health and lifestyle habits. By making informed decisions, you can not only boost hair health but also overall well-being.

In essence, being in your 60s doesn’t limit your style; it broadens it. Every receding hairline, every strand of gray, tells a story, and it’s a story to be worn with pride.

Remember, confidence is the best hairstyle any man can sport. So, embrace your age, cherish the changes, and wear your hair as a testament to the incredible journey you’ve traversed.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of hairstyles and hair care for men over 60. Wear your age with pride and stride forward with confidence!

Until next time,

Stay safe,


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25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (24)

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25 Stunning Hairstyles For Men Over 60: Age Is Just A Number (2024)
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