15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (2024)

Micro locs can be very attractive but with the right type of hairstyle. You can make the research yourself or you can simply choose from the best micro locs designs that we shall be presenting to you as you read through. You will also get to know more about micro braids.

What are Micro Locs?

In essence, micro locs are locs that are smaller than conventional locs. The diameter of mature conventional locs is often that of a pencil.

Because of this, microlocs can range in size from the diameter of a shoelace to that of a drinking straw.

There are numerous methods for maintaining microlocs due to the large range of sizes.

Types of Microlocs

Here are the different types of micro locs:

1. Microlocs Started with Interlocking

If you want micro locs that are the tiniest size possible or have fine textured hair, you should start them using the interlocking technique.

2. Microlocs Started with Braids

When you have a long length of hair at installation or your hair texture is fine and twists will not hold, starting microlocs from braids is usual.

3. Microlocs Started with Twists

Microlocs that have been started with twists work best for medium to large-sized micro locs and hold well for the majority of hair textures.

Starting micro locs with twists has the advantage that, in general, they can be kept up with interlocking or Palm rolling.

What are the Benefits of Micro Locs?

Sisterlocks are a terrific alternative, but Microlocs are frequently significantly less expensive. Microlocs include benefits such as adaptability, neatness, and fullness in addition to cost savings.

1. Neatness

In comparison to retwisting, micro locs maintained with interlocking will remain neater for longer periods of time since the sections are smaller, which results in less frizz at the roots.

2. Fullness

Depending on the size of your head and the micro locs you choose, micro locs typically produce between 150 and 300 locs, so they immediately add fullness and volume.

3. Versatility

The small size of micro locs often creates hundreds of locs, which means that the styling possibilities are almost endless.

Is Microlocs Right for Your Hair?

Even though micro locs have many advantages, one drawback is the expense and time commitment needed for upkeep, especially for smaller micro locs.

We would strongly advise taking into account the following aspects while deciding whether micro locs are the best treatment for you:

1. Time for Maintenance

Typically, micro locs produce over 100 locs, and maintaining so many locs might take a long time, especially if you’re interlocking.

You need to make sure you can dedicate that amount of time (usually a minimum of 6-8 hours) every few months.

2. Active Lifestyle

If you lead an active lifestyle, are interested in locs that will stay neater for longer periods of time, or love often shampooing your hair, you should think about micro locs.

3. Cost of Maintenance

Consider micro locs that are either palm-rolled or interlocked if your current budget includes paying for your hair (i.e., visiting the salon).

However, you might think about larger micro locs that you can manage with palm rolling if you would prefer to keep yours locs at home.

4. Volume & Fullness

The likelihood of seeing a lot of scalps is decreased as the number of locs increases, giving the hair greater volume.

So, if fullness is your objective, micro locs are unquestionably an alternative to think about.

5. Interested in Sisterlocks

Microlocs are a fantastic alternative if Sisterlocks are too small for you but you enjoy the notion of smaller-sized locs.

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now

Here are the best micro locs that will make you look stunning:

1. Short Micro Locs Haircut

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (1)

You may simply cut your hair into shorter, side-swept locks if it’s healthy and hydrated. You must have short to medium-length hair for this look. Create a few little locks, then separate the hair to the side.

2. Micro Locs and Asymmetrical Ombre Style

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (2)

Girls do favor asymmetrical hairstyles. They have an excellent excuse since they are fashionable. You can wrap a few of your long to medium-length micro locs with copper wire at the back.

The remainder of them ought to be free or rest against your skull. You can also experiment a little with color contrasts, such as applying a coppery color to the ends while leaving the roots dark.

3. Micro Locs Half-Up Long Ringlets

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (3)

Micro locks and other locking methods can occasionally be combined to produce intriguing effects.

For instance, you can join some larger locks with smaller ones using twists and pin curls. All of your locks should be pulled up and pinned.

4. Micro Locs Two Strand Twist Locs

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (4)

One of the most common methods for obtaining micro locs is to twist two strands of hair together.

You must make sure to start them with the smallest feasible locks. They shouldn’t lock up on you, that’s for sure.

5. Micro Locs Long Hairstyle

It is common practice to create hairstyles with lengthy micro locks. Making shorter locks that are lengthy and extend above shoulder height is not particularly difficult.

You can wear them long or tie them up in a bun.

6. Long Locs in Low Ponytail

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (6)

Due to their small size, micro locks offer more versatility. Ponytailing them is one method of controlling them.

Additionally, you may utilize various bands and accessories to further enhance the wonderful appearance of everything.

7. Dyed Micro Curly Locs

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (7)

Using various hair colors is the best approach to highlighting your locks. If you can develop micro locs in your curly hair, you can color them in a variety of ways to create something distinctive.

These men’s curly hairstyles also look great on women.

8. Micro Locs Pin Curled Hairstyle

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (8)

You can create several curled pin locks because micro locks are smaller in size.

Micro locks are the ideal choice for generating pin curls because they just require tiny parts of hair to be created. Additionally, you can switch to an excellent curled hairdo as you remove the pin.

9. A Touch of Brown

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (9)

Everything shouldn’t be simple, but you can attempt this one if you’re one of the sisters who doesn’t want to complicate things.

The browns come in at the very end and integrate well with the hair, clearly, and they look stunning. You could try it.

10. Curly Micro locs

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (10)

No matter what hairdo you choose, curls give you this cute appearance. The micro braid is identical.

Although it is not a simple style, you can give it a try since we are confident that the curls on the micro loc will look fantastic on you.

11. Red Micro loc

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (11)

We have talked about dying micro locs but the red micro is worth giving a mention. This is one hairstyle that brings attention.

Even without the hairstyle, we all know that there is this thing about the red color. Now topping it with the micro loc, you will be the attention grabber of the day.

12. Micro Locs Traditional Hamar Tribal Dreads

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (12)

The Ethiopian Hamar tribe’s traditional haircut is impossible to achieve without micro locks.

The hair is styled with butter and red dirt to give it a distinctive tribal appearance that is only seen in this region of the world.

13. Low Micro Locs

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (13)

There are those who like short, long medium hair, but there are also those who like their hair to be extremely low.

There is no doubt they love the micro braid but they just love it at a certain low length.

14. Multiple Bun Micro Locs

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (14)

With this style, you can make the micro loc into several buns. It may be big or small, whichever, still gives you the look you are aiming at.

With this style, you will not have to worry as to how your hair swerve, or care less about it while you are out and still look beautiful.

15. Blonde Micro Locs

15 Micro Locs Hairstyles to Try Now (15)

Everyone likes blond hair. With the Micro locs, there is assurance that people will love your looks and hair.

You can dye your hair before making the braid with lond color or simply use na blond color extension. Whichever you make use of will go.


Micro Locs are great hairs and if you decide to make them, you should consider the styles as we have shown you, or you can create something from what we have and come up with something even more beautiful.

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